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BSH 2017 | Resistance mechanisms of current treatments in CLL

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John Gribben

John Gribben, MD, DSc, FRCPath, FMed Sci from Barts Cancer Institute, London, UK discusses resistance mechanisms of current treatments in CLL at the 2017 British Society for Haematology (BSH) Annual Scientific Meeting in Brighton, UK. The major mechanism of resistance to ibrutinib has been found to be a mutation of the binding pocket of cysteine at position 481 at BTK. Currently, the resistance mechanisms of idelalisib and rituximab aren’t clear, and samples from failed venetoclax monotherapy are currently being collected. These resistance mechanisms are part of the reason as to why combination therapies are being developed. More clinical trial data will be required to determine how common resistance mechanisms are depending on the drug, and the reasons behind it. This video has been supported by Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd through an unrestricted educational grant to Magdalen Medical Publishing.

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